SoundWare on-site video production services.

SoundWare has the equipment and staff to record and edit your event, whether it is a simple party, a band demo, or a live performance. We have 4 cameras at our disposal, all capable of on site mixing for live monitors, to give the party a "high-tech" look. We also have the ability to record from all cameras for post-production editing, with perfect sound and picture synchronization. This allows us to capture live performances, and then later edit them for the best shots. The result is always better than live editing, no more missed shots, or spoiled "back-of-heads" shots.

Band Demos can be shot using audio from the PA mix, solely from mics, or a combination. The latter is the best, because the band sound is tight, and with all the proper effects, but you also get audience reaction and room ambience. We generally use up to 8 sub-mixes from the PA in order to re-balance the sound for recording. Most PA mixes are strong on vocals and effects, but the amplified intruments are usually weak due to their inherent loudness without the PA. We use a 12 channel mixer, and can record using Dolby Surround.

If you're in the Western Mass area looking for any of these services, please contact us via e-mail at SoundWareA@AOL.COM

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