Just how did our editor come to be? One customer needed continuous music all day in his bar.
DJ's are nice, but too expensive for most of the hours.
Juke boxes drive everyone nuts with the repetition.
And cassettes just don't play for long enough. So we hit on the idea of using video tape in the 6 hour HiFi mode. Good idea, but few people can consistantly produce 6 hours of music without a little mistake, so editing was needed.

A little market research showed that the available editors were either WAY too expensive or just couldn't do what we needed (6 hour final product and the ability to save and retrieve the edit data for later re-editing)

3 years later what we have is a system that can do conventional assemble edits, A/B roll edits, and multiple source synchronous edits (we threw that one in after a couple of live band recordings proved that post-production can remove the great shot of the back of someone's head, and after hearing how Home Improvement was produced)


control room